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Bathroom Renovation – Bathtubs and Showers

A bathroom renovation is always an exciting undertaking. Since remodeling a bathroom is time-consuming, daunting, and expensive, it’s important to create a plan first, before you spend any money on anything. This includes choosing colors, fixtures, and upgrades for the bathroom. Since bathrooms tend to be one of the smallest rooms in a home, you’ll want to choose things carefully, and pick the ones that won’t create any negative space or overcrowd the room.

When it comes to senior bathroom design, there are some things to consider beyond the basics. For example, most seniors prefer to use a hand-wash basin rather than a toilet. You might also find that seniors will be interested in installing a floor-to-ceiling bathroom that has a skylight, rather than a front-entry bathroom like many people are used to. In addition, a great deal of elderly care facilities are located in aging-friendly neighborhoods and communities, making them ideal for purchasing an assisted living apartment. With that said, there is nothing wrong with searching for senior apartments in or close to your current city or neighborhood.

Some remodeling jobs are more time consuming than others, like replacing bathroom fixtures, such as toilets and tubs. A new toilet can be installed in about thirty minutes, while replacing fixtures such as sinks, faucets, and light fixtures can take more than an entire day. Another aspect of any remodeling job is choosing the right contractor. Look for a company that has years of experience doing all kinds of projects, including bathroom overhauls. A good contractor  like the Bath Planet in Connecticut will know exactly what your needs are and will work closely with you to get the results you want and where it will be placed inside the bathroom. The average cost of all showers and tubs sold depends on a lot of factors like material used, the size and the number of fixtures in each shower. Showers take a lot more work than tubs and generally speaking, a walk in shower takes only half the time it would take to have a bath. This is because there are no jets and therefore no bubbles or sputtering sounds. Walk in showers are also much easier to install than bathtubs. Also, it can be quite expensive to install a bathtub as opposed to a walk in shower and this is because a bathtub has to be custom built to the exact measurements of your bathroom and also the plumbing needs to be done right.

Finally, there is something to be said for having a tub and shower that are attached to the same wall. This is called a tub and bathtub pair. You can get a bathtub and shower that will work with any type of existing tub you may have. The installation of these two items is usually fairly straightforward as well. In fact, some people may even choose to have them built into the house.